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International Business Management - Colleges and Courses in India

In this page we have provided detailed information about colleges and universities that are offering courses in International Business Management. The main course offered by MBA colleges in India is MBA (International Business)

Scope of MBA International Business

There is a dire need for managers and future leaders with a global mindset - managers who can appreciate different cultures, who can build networks across geographies, and live and work across cultures.

Courses in MBA International Business

MBA International Business offered by MBA institutes are as given below. Some of these are full time residential programs and some are part time and for admission in these MBA programmes students have to pass an all india entrance exam. Selected candidates are again tested through group discussion and personal interview. Click on the links below to see the institutes offering MBA International Business programmes.

  • MDI Gurgaon offers Post Graduate Programme in International Management (PGP-IM) in collaboration with European School of Management (ESCP-EAP), France. The first phase of dual degree programme is delivered on MDI Campus, at Gurgaon. The second phase of the programme is delivered in Europe at the London, Paris & Turin campuses.
  • IIFT Delhi offers MBA (International Business) which is a six trimester general management programme with a focus on international business.
  • Fore School of Management, New Delhi offers two year Full Time Post Graduate Diploma in Management in International Business Management (PGDM-IBM)
  • Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad offers Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (International Business)
  • T.A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal - offers PGDM - International Business
  • K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai offers Post Graduate Diploma in Management - International Business
  • Department of Business Administration, Aligarh offers Master of Business Administration - International Business
  • Prestige Institute of Management and Research, Indore offers MBA (International Business)
  • Institute of Productivity and Management, Ghaziabad offers PGDM -International Business
  • School of Management, Pondicherry offers MBA with specialization in International Business
  • Department of Business Administration, VIT offers M. B. A. - International Business
  • Punjab School of Management Studies, Punjabi University , Patiala offers MBA (Global Business)
  • Institute of Management Studies, Devi Ahilya University , Indore offers MBA (International Business)
  • University Business School, Chandigarh offers MBA (International Business)
  • Christ College Institute of Management, Bangalore offers MBA - International Business (Singapore)
  • Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE), Hyderabad offers Post Graduate management programme in International Business
  • ITM, Mumbai offers PGDM - International Business
  • Shiva Shivani Institute of Management, Hyderabad offers PGCP IN GLOBAL BUSINESS of 6 months
  • Kousali Institute of Management Studies, Dharwad offers MBA-IB Master of Business Administration in International Business - 2-year full time course.
  • FMS, Varanasi , BHU offers Master's programme in International Business Administration (MIBA)
  • EMPI, New Delhi offers Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Global Business)
  • Sinhgad Institute of Management, Pune offers Post Graduate Diploma in Foreign Trade and Post Graduate Diploma in Import and Export Management.
  • Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Delhi offers PGDM in International Business
  • Department of Management, Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University , Aurangabad offers Diploma in International Business

Course Contents of MBA International Business

  • An overview - International Business : A global perspective. Internationalization Process - Stages in International Business - Approaches to International Business. The World of International Business: Regional and Global Strategy - The Multinational Enterprise - The Triad and International Business.
  • Global Business & National Regulation: Rationale for Government Intervention - Forms of Trade Regulation at National Level - Tariff and Non-Tariff Barriers. Regional Economic Integration: Levels of Economic Integration - Benefits & Costs of Economic Integration - Major Trading Blocks: EU, NAFTA, ASEAN and SAARC.
  • Global Business and Multilateral Regulation of Trade and Investment: Basic Principles of Multilateral Trade Negotiations - GATT and its early Rounds - World Trade Organization - Structure and functions - TRIMs & TRIMs - WTO & India - UNCTAD.
  • Global Business and Entry Strategies: Global Market Entry Strategies - Exporting, Licensing, Franchising, Contract Manufacturing, Assembly and Integrated Local manufacturing. Global Ownership Strategies: Ownership Strategies: Strategic Alliance - Types of Strategic Alliances - Selection of Strategic Alliance Partner, managing and sustaining Strategic Alliance - Corporate Self Analysis - Intelligent Alliances & Corporate life Cycle - Corporate Personality Types and Individual Managers Personality Types and project personality Types. Cost and Benefit Analysis of Entry Strategies: Entry Analysis and Entry strategy configuration.
  • Managing Global Business: Strategy and Global Organization -Global Strategic Planning - Going Global and Implementing Strategies - Designing Effective International Organizations. Spanning Borders for Cross- Cultural Management: Cultural Dimensions of International Management - Intercultural Communications - Intercultural Negotiations. Human Resources Management in Global Context: Human Resources - Staffing, Training and Development - Managing Expatriates - International Labor Relations.
  • International Financial System: Evolution of international financial system - gold standard, Brettonwoods standard, flexible exchange rates and cooperative intervention. Global financial markets - money and capital markets. Global financial instruments and institutions.
  • Foreign Exchange Markets: The mechanism of FE transfers. CHIPS. FE dealings and quotations. Exchange rate determination - BOP approach, Parity conditions: purchasing power parity, interest rate parity; International Fisher's effect; Unbiased forward rate theory; The asset approach; technical approach. Sterilization.
  • Foreign Exchange Risk Management: Types of risks - transaction, translation, operating and strategic risks. Risk quantification. Instruments and strategies for hedging and eliminating foreign exchange risks - trading in forwards, futures or option markets; invoicing in the domestic currency; managing payments/collections of currency flows based on the predicted foreign exchange movements. Foreign Exchange forecasting.
  • Financial Management of the Multinational Firm: Cash management - borrowing and investing, parking the surplus cash, centralized and decentralized cash management and cash transmission. International investments - portfolio and direct investments. Capital budgeting decisions - APV, NPV vs. APV. Country risk analysis - types, assessment and measurement. International mergers and acquisitions - negotiated acquisitions and contested bids. Sources of overseas funding - euro currency markets and instruments, euro credits, foreign bonds, ADRs, GDRs. Global financing strategy. Project financing.
  • Tax Implications for Global Activities: International tax laws a comparative analysis. Carry forward and carry back. Tax treaties. Tax credits. Taxes on income from intracompany transactions. Tax implications of foreign activities of an Indian enterprise. Tax incentives for earnings in foreign currency. Tax implications of activities of foreign enterprises in India. Double taxation relieves. Transfer pricing.
  • International Marketing: Concept, scope & Objectives. Challenges and opportunities in International Marketing, Underlying forces of International Marketing.
  • Export Marketing: Recent Import Export Policy and Procedures, as on 31st March. General Various Export Promotion schemes, as on 31st March of the last financial Year.
  • Facilities and incentives relating to export business: Rules for successful exporting. Preliminaries for starting Export Business, Registration of Exporters, 87 Sending / Exporting samples, Appointing Overseas Agents Obtaining a License (Export License).
  • International Pricing Decisions: Factors influencing international pricing decisions- Uniform pricing V/s Market by market pricing
  • Arranging Finance for exports: Financial and fiscal incentives provided by the Government and foreign exchange facilities by the R.B.I. and EXIM Bank. Institutional support from Government, Semi. Government and Autonomous Organizations for Exporters. Obtaining export credit Insurance. Exchange rates, Understanding foreign exchange rates and protection against their adverse movement.
  • Export Documentation: Submitting Documents to Bank for purchase / Collection / Negotiation under L/C. Export Credit Limit. Preparing Export Document Shipping and Customs Clearance of the goods. Processing / Manufacturing goods for Export and their inspection by Government Authorities. Compulsory Quality Control and Pre-shipment Inspection, Excise Clearance, Insuring goods against marine risks, Marine Insurance.
  • Labeling, Packaging, Packing And Marketing Goods For Orientation to GATT and functions of W.T.O.

Books for MBA International Business

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  • Michael R. Zinkota, Ilkka A Ronkainen, Michael H. Moffet 2002, International Business, Thomson - Southwestern.
  • John D. Daniels & Lee H. Radebaugh,2006, International Business, Pearson Education.
  • John B. Cullen, 2005, Multinational Management - A strategic Approach, Thomson.
  • Alan M. Rugman, Richard M. Hodgettes, 2004, International Business, Pearson / PHI.
  • Chary S.N., 2006, Elements of International Business, John Wiley.
  • Shajahan. S, 2006, International Business, MacMillan.
  • Larrain Seigal , 1996, International Business,Times Business Random House, New York.
  • David H. Holt and Karen W. Wigginton, 2005, International Management, Thomson.
  • Manab Thakur, Gene E. Burton and B N Srivastava, 1997, International Management, Concepts and Cases, Tata McGraw Hill.
  • Apte.P.G., 2006, International Financial Management, 4th edition, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi - 8
  • Eiteman.D.K., Stonehill.A.I., Moffett.M.H., Pandey.A., 2006, Multinational Business Finance, 10th Edition, Pearson Education.
  • Melvin.M., 2000, International Money and Finance, 6th Edition, Addison-Wesley.
  • Subba Rao, 2007, International Business, Himalaya Publications.






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